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277532_194597458_XLarge (2)I did it!  I finished the Hamburg Marathon (42,195 kilometers, 26 miles) in 03:43:39 h and had a wonderful trip in 23hours. I flew on Saturday evening with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Hamburg. After a short cab ride I checked in at the Park Hyatt Hamburg. It is a really nice place to stay in Hamburg – well located, friendly staff and  nice rooms. By the way, I got an upgrade to a very comfortable suite 🙂  so it made my journey and stay in Hamburg even more enjoyable. Luisa, a friend of mine and also a Hamburg Marathon finisher, picked up my kitbag and bib number at the marathon fair and took it to my hotel because I couldn’t do it on Sunday morning. (Thanks Luisa) I needed the time before to concentrate and focus on my run.

How was my marathon from the sport perspective?

All in all, it was a good run. I finished it successfully without special marathon training beforehand. For the past 3 months I was doing more crossfit, golf, tennis rather than training long distance runs.

The first 35 Kilometers were unbelievably good. I ran an average pace of 4:55 min and was dreaming of beating the magical 3:30h, but  from kilometer 35 my performance was broken and I lost much time. The result of bad food the evening before and not drinking enough liquids during the run. That is what marathon is all about. Nevertheless, the  Mainz and Würzburg marathons are coming up in the next weeks, so I expect to get the 3:30h.

What did I eat before?

On Saturday evening I ate a portion of salmon with lentils and a noodle salad at the airpor.Later at Vapiano in Hamburg, pasta bolognese and a salad…and I don’t think it was a such a good idea to eat Pringles and M&Ms in my room 😉

Before running in the marathon I started on Sunday morning with bicher muesli and a banana.

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How was the marathon organization at all?

Perfect. I got all  the race information online before. The local organization was perfect too. Good sign-in and  a lot of volunteers all around the Athletes Area. So it was easy for 14.740 marathon runners to find the kitbag drop-off, starting block etc.

How was the trackside catering?

Couldn´t be better. Aid stations every 5 kilometers with water, mineral drinks, energy gels, cola and bananas.

Did I like the course?

Yes, I really liked it. Of course, Hamburg is a beautiful city, and the course was also very varied so I enjoyed the run very much.


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